About Us

About Us
Who we are?


Rendering, 3D animation, video, new media are our work.With technologies and we visualize your products, your ideas.


Founded in 1994 by Giovanni De Stefano, the 3dSign studio has been dealing with 3d and animation since its foundation. Over the time the passion for photography and video have integrated the initial skills, allowing the studio to offer a complete digital “storytelling” to its clients. Today, he studio also offers services in the field of virtual reality, installations and productions, with the belief that ideas and stories come before technology. The studio employs a multidisciplinary team that integrates technicians, graphic designers and art directors.



We use the 3d computer graphic to show what doesn’t  exists. An idea, a project or just a concept,  whatever are your needs we can help you to visualize them. Rendering, 3d animations, parametric modelling, simulations, virtual reality is what we do here.


We deal with image and communication since ever. We produce photo shooting and graphical project for Adv.


VIdeo is a passion, the will to tell a story, to astonish the audience. Since more than 20 years we produce and direct documentaries, spot, industrial videos, motion graphic for live event and digital signage.


The storytelling of the ancient world has always fascinated us. Since the 2000 year we have collaborated with museums and institutions creating videos and installations to show to the audience the content of exhibitions and art collections. We produce video and installations that always starts form a scientific and educational storytelling.


We love the sea and we do love yachts! We are lucky to work with some of the most important firm in the nautical industry. We produce 3d animations that explore the design and functionality of the yacht concepts, to help designers and shipyards to showcase their ideas at their best. Most of our works are under NDA and unfortunately they are not visible in our website.

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